Eligibility and Applying:

Download our application questions here for reference.

We encourage you to look through them in advance of applying through our form: You can find the questions here.

What is your application philosophy?

We care about supporting passionate and dedicated people with audacious ideas to improve the world around them. We want to help you grow your ideas into a success.

In the long run, our goal is to generate an ecosystem of innovators and investors that work together to solve challenges. This is our first step.

How do you define impact?

To us, impact is a positive, lasting, and relevant change on the lives of people.

How do I make an open application for funding?

Through our application form right here. The first stage of the application is entirely online.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The requirements to apply are:

  • Tackling a gobal challenge affecting health, energy, the environment, or agriculture
  • For-profit venture
  • Raised no more than £1,000,000 in direct total investments

What kinds of companies is Primera Impact looking for?

Primera Impact is looking for those audacious ideas dedicated to solving major problems within and related to our focus areas. We care about passionate teams and novel solutions, and above all, the potential for impact.

I have more than one idea or startup - can I apply with both?

Please submit one application only. We do not encourage you to submit multiple applications.

Does my business have to be incorporated?

No, incorporation is not necessary to apply and will not directly disadvantage you. However, if you advance as a finalist, incorporation will be necessary to receive equity funding.

If I’m structured as a not-for-profit, can I still apply?

Unfortunately we are not accepting applicants from not-for-profits at this time. We are considering this actively for future years.

How far along does my startup have to be in order to apply?

We expect applicants at a range of development levels and therefore encourage you to apply no matter what stage you are in. Having a prototype or technology will advantage you in the application process. However, startups will also be evaluated for the merit of their ideas relevant to the problem they hope to solve, the quality of their team, and the potential for impact.

I’m a student, is it still ok for me to apply?

You are very welcome to apply.

Can I apply as a sole founder?

Yes, we’ll consider applications from anywhere in the World. However, we are currently particularly focused on the UK and Europe (including Turkey).

Can I apply from anywhere?

Your startup must be based (i.e. registered, or intend to be registered) in Europe (including the UK and Turkey). However, you can operate anywhere and intend to access markets anywhere in the world.


How much equity will Primera Impact take for an investment?

This will depend entirely upon the stage of your business (including your technology and team), your total funding requirements, and the problem you are trying to solve. We care about working with you and your team, and we will make sure our funding decisions reflect this.

What in addition to funding does Primera Impact offer to investees?

Equity winners will receive:

  • on-going support from the Primera Impact team and its advisors and network in Cambridge
  • support from Primera Capital in San Francisco
  • up to 6-months free office space at The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge should you wish to relocate
  • the opportunity for follow-on funding

Is follow-on funding available?

Yes - we are consciously aware that most competitions do not offer any long-term support to the startups they invest in. At Primera Impact, when we invest in you, we intend to build a long-term relationship and support your long-term goals. Therefore, our parent fund, Primera Capital, is committed to supporting successful investments as they progress.


There are a handful of early-stage funders out there: what makes Primera Impact different?

Unlike many competitions, we are very focussed on both impact and return. We care about ideas that will improve the world, not just make money. We also see the value in building closer relationships with academia and the investment world.

Additionally, we are backed by very serious partners and we want to build a long-term relationship. No applicant - winner or not - will be forgotten by us after the competition ends.

Why Cambridge, England for your base?

Cambridge has been at the centre of innovation and discovery for the past 800 years. It has excelled especially within the life sciences and health-technology innovation. Recent highlights include the discovery of the structure of DNA; both Sanger sequencing and modern-day high-throughput sequencing; Europe’s first liver transplant; and monoclonal antibody technology.

We think there is a lot of missed opportunity that can be accessed by a collaboration between San Francisco and Cambridge.

I have more questions that aren’t listed here - what do I do?

Please feel free to email us at apply@primeraimpact.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.